Why Staying At My Place Hotels in North Las Vegas was the Best Choice

This is a sponsored post. I am honest with my reviews.

Suitable for long-term travelers, backpackers, young travelers, families, and solo-travelers that is how great My Place Hotels are. Among tons of hotel in Las Vegas, I chose to stay at My Place Hotels in North Las Vegas for its many advantages.

As I have said it multiple times, you do not need tons of money to travel. There are many ways to save and have fun. Staying at My Place Hotels is one of them. No. I am not kidding you.

Listen carefully and take notes my dear travelers, the hotel has a store where you will find from ramen noddles to snacks to pans and pots. It has a kitchen! Buy food and cook it yourself. One of the most significant expenses of a traveler is food. Cook something quick and yummy and then go off to experience the city.

Another way of saving money by staying at My Place Hotels in North Las Vegas is by washing your clothes in the laundry room. I rather spend my money on drinks and tacos than paying for my bags at the airport. I only pack the very necessary.

My first time in Vegas, many moons ago, at the parking lot of the hotel, I stayed at, my beloved-first laptop ever was stolen from my car. I cried my heart out. I probably cried the 6-hour drive to home. The first thing I now look for in a hotel is safety. Especially, now that I am a mom two little kids.

My Place Hotels in North Las Vegas is settled in a safe location. The surroundings are clean and pretty.

If you have been in Vegas you know driving through the city is stressing. Driving Vegas through the Strip is the worst! My Place Hotels in North Las Vegas is out of that chaos. It is easy to find and get to it. It is away from the tumultuous crowd yet close enough to the fun. Only 12 miles away from Las Vegas Strip. 8 miles from Freemont Street and 9 miles from the Neon Museum.

I have a stayed at many hotels during my travels, I can assure you that My Place Hotels in North Las Vegas is budget-friendly, clean, comfy, cozy and has a great free-wifi and Internet at the office.

One of the cool things my friends and, me and my hubby did at the hotel was a barbeque at night. The barbeque area has grillers and sets of tables and chairs.

I had a relaxed stay at My Place Hotels in North Las Vegas. I definitely would stay there when traveling to Las Vegas again.

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