The Latest Guide to Lower Antelope Canyon

Just like when Lucy Pevensie opened the closet doors, and her eyes grew big to discover the magic world of Narnia that’s how I felt when entering into the Lower Antelope Canyon.

The Navajo land of Page in Arizona possesses one of a kind slot of the canyon in the world. It was beautifully and artistically formed by the erosion of the Navajo Stones due to flash flood.

While I walked through it jaw dropped and startled-eyes, I imagined a free-spirited female artist giving brushstrokes to the rhythm of her heart. The colors of the sandstones are incredible, especially when the light hits them.

The beauty of Hazdistazi or spiral rock arches, another way Lower Antelope Canyon is known by, is haunting and mysterious. It has many deep, twisted narrows.

Each step of the walking brings a more beautiful place. The rock formations are breathtaking as if they were designed by an exceedingly creative sculptor.

Exploring the Lower Antelope Canyon is one of the most memorable experiences a traveler and sightseer will have. The place is stunning and magical. Being surrounded by such beauty, I felt that life was about right. It will always be hard for people to understand my need and thirst for exploring and traveling. The simple and shortest way to explain it is that I feel alive. More alive than ever when I am in a new place, especially when it is in nature.

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Francia Benson Gone Wild

Francia Benson Gone Wild

If you are a photography enthusiast or professional photographer make sure to bring a big memory card. You will be snapping photos non-stop. The guides know the best spots for fantastic photographs. Sadly, real beauty can’t be captured vividly or described accurately. You have to go and see yourself. Try to go between 10 am and 12 pm, that’s usually the time when the light beams go through the openings. It is a heavenly dance of color, light, and shape you don’t want to miss.

The passageways of Lower Antelope Island are narrow. But the canyon is not asphyxiating at all. There is plenty of room to feel comfortable and even take cool selfies. Â I suffer from claustrophobia, but the beauty, the excitement, and the height of the place make you feel safe. Â Although, I  recommend being the last of the group in case you feel the urge to get out. You can do it quicker and more reliable.

Antelope Canyon, which includes two separate slot canyons, Upper and Lower Canyon, is a widely touristic attraction. Besides the fact that it is a natural wonder, it is close to Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon Recreation Area, Lone Rock Beach, Rainbow Bridge, and Colorado River.

Some things to notice

  • The two closest major airports are in Phoenix and Las Vegas. Both are within 5 hours from Page. You can rent a car at either airport at your arrival.
  • It is always recommendable to make reservations.
  • You can only go into the canyon on tour.
  • The fee is around $20 for Lower Antelope Canyon. About $40 for Upper Canyon. Expect to spend approximately $70.

Tips for photographers

  • Bring a sturdy tripod.
  • Shoot in RAW so you can better edit the photos.
  • Try multiple exposure settings.
  • Dealing with the light inside the canyon is tricky. You will get underexposed or overexposed photos.
  • Be ready to repeat the same shoot until you get a great one.
  • Cover your camera. The sand will fly through the air and get through the cracks of the camera.
  • Look down and up. There is so much to shoot.


Have fun, and don’t forget to share your experience with me! Before heading off to Lower Antelope Canyon or any place with beautiful landscape, check out these sweet deals on cameras and camera accessories.



Francia Benson Gone Wild

Francia Benson Gone WIld

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  1. January 3, 2018 / 11:06 am

    So beautiful , Francia! I love the photos and I’m surprised I haven’t been here yet, being a Utah local myself. Huh! This is definitely something I”ll have to check out soon. Thank you for the post and travel inspiration!

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