I know You Can’t Wait to See The Stray!

www.franciabensongonewild.comFilms based on real stories are my favorite. Especially those that left me feeling optimistic and in a good mood.
I am not going to review the film as a filmmaker. I will do it as a mom and wife. I know life can get chaotic. I know we are all pursuing dreams and goals. The Davis family is struggling. A dad while trying to make his dream come true barely see his family. A tired and stressed mother of two kids. The kids are missing their dad and feeling distant from him. Sounds familiar?

From Los Angeles to the beautiful state of Colorado, this movie portrays that miracles come in different forms.  I have never loved an animal. I never had a pet when I was a kid. I don’t know what it is to be loved by an animal. After watching this movie, I felt the desire to adopt a dog to feel the unconditional love that only pets and kids can give you.

You don’t need to be religious to get the message of the movie. It is about hope,  trying hard to be better as husband and father, working as a couple for the sake of the family.

The acting of the kids is funny and cute. The dog should win an Oscar lol. Kudos to his trainer.

Do I recommend you watching The Stray? Heck ya! Totally! Your kids will laugh and get crazy ideas about going outdoors. You will drive home talking about the film. My son asked me to make a movie about our family.

Funny things that happened:
My 5-month-old baby got hungry before the movie. I started breastfeeding him. He kept pulling up my shirt, so my boob was hanging out. This beautiful lady next to us had the first row of my breasts. Then, Mitch Davis said, Sarah Lancaster, please stand up.
Yep, I was showing my boobs to the first actress of the movie.

I wanted a picture with the cast, but the only available was the dog.
When our turn came, my 6-year-old ran away in fear for the dog.

This is one of the reasons I love being a blogger and influencer. I get to invite to movie premiers and fun events.

Got watch it and let me know who do you like it in the comments.

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