A Ride of a Lifetime: Hot Air Balloon

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Francia Benson Gone Wild

The first minute or so, my heart beat quickly, and my knees felt feeble.  If I feel too scared will hide in the wicker basket to avoid looking down. My brain found a solution at the speed of the light. The rush of adrenaline was stronger and faster than the fear.  Soon, I was up in the sky riding for the first time in a hot air balloon in a beautiful morning.

“You are courageous, Francia,” I told myself, smiled, and pat myself on the back. The ride was smooth, the views breathtaking, and the moment unforgettable.

Up, Up and away Francia went 15,000-feet above sea level. Riding the first human flight way of air travel and feeling old-fashioned. I even bought a yellow dress for the occasion. Don’t get confused; the Wright brothers invented the engine-powered human flight. Hot air balloons were invented 120 years before by two French brothers.

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Francia Benson Gone Wild

I loved the sensation of the hot air on my skin every time the fired came out from the burner.  The blue sky was adorned with three more bright-colored balloons. Park City looked so beautiful from above. The green mountains majestic and the houses like the size of ants.  The ride lasted about half an hour. I didn’t want to go down. I wanted to stay longer and go further. Francia Benson Gone Wild Francia Benson Gone Wild Francia Benson Gone WildFrancia Benson Gone Wild

The balloon captain, Will pulled on a cord to open the parachute vent, and we started descending. He then announced that to celebrate our safe landing we would toast with champagne like the French used to do it. We all cheered and got ready to be again on the ground.

Francia Benson Gone Wild Francia Benson Gone WildThe landing wasn’t bad at all as I had imagined it would be. Once we set foot on earth were welcomed with mimosas, pictures, and anecdotes of previous flights.

While holding the champagne glass in hand Will, says a prayer and then we start drinking. 

“The winds have welcomed you with softness. The sun has blessed you with her warm hands. You have flown so high and so well, that God has joined you in your laughter, as he gently sat you back into the loving arms of mother earth”.

I am and will forever grateful to Will Drummer, the owner of the Skywalker Balloon Company. He agreed to a travel influencer collaboration so I could show you guys how fun it is to ride a hot air balloon.


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