Top Reasons to Visit Golden Colorado Part 1

The Vagabond family headed to Golden to see what was all the fuss about. The three days we stayed weren’t enough to experience all the cool stuff. We were surprised by how many activities, events, places to see, museums, tours that little city offers.

Golden is quintessential Colorado with world-class recreation. Elite athletes and weekend warriors take advantage of the city’s 402 acres of open space and 253 acres of parks. When you are arriving at the town, you get greeted by climbers on both sides of the road and by bikers. You quickly can feel the energetic vibes of the city and feel the urge to jump into the action.

Golden is Denver’s closet mountain town and offers everything a mountain town should offer. There are more than 100 miles of hiking and biking trails, including the phenomenal Lookup Mountain. The river is just perfect for fly fishing and kayaking. Love rock climbing? There are plenty of places to climb up!

Yes, you guessed it! Reason number one to visit Golden is its world-class outdoor recreation.

Beer lovers, you gotta head to Golden to enjoy a large variety of beers!

Golden is the world’s biggest little beer town. The city is home to six craft breweries and the world’s largest single-site brewery, Coors. Golden produces more beer than any other city in the world.   

Coors Brewery offers cool tours throughout the plant where you will learn all about the process of creating those yummy beers. At the end of the tour, you get to taste three glasses of different beers.

My husband and I had so much fun at Coors Brewery. He is a chemist and was fascinated by all what we learned at the plant. The beers were refreshing, and we each chose our favorite. Even if you don’t drink, I recommend going to Coors Brewery.


Do you Feel like Riding in a Vintage Train?

The Colorado Railroad Museum has many train models. You can even get in the trains and play around. It is full of history and has outdoor and indoor replicas.  We got to ride the Goose three times around the museum while listening to the history of the trains in Colorado. You can have birthday parties on the trains! How cool is that? I am sure your kids would totally love you if you celebrated their birthdays there.

Liam had the most fun. It was a whole new world for him. We let him explore and watched him immerse himself in this new playground.

The entertainment opportunities in Golden are endless. The city is packed with activities of all kind for little ones and the adults. Check Visit Golden Website to plan your trip.

When going around the trains, we found a bonnie. The cute little thing didn’t stay to take pictures.

Indoor Replica

Stay tun for part 2!

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