The Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide for the Adventurous Women in you Life.

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Let’s take a moment to celebrate the adventurous women in our life. The women that are always up for an adventure and challenges. The women who know to enjoy nature and the wild. Those women that feel joy observing the sky while getting warm by a fire pit. I look up to many women that inspire me to plan a backpacking trip, to climb a peak, to skydive or to explore new trails. I want to be that woman that get the benefits from being out in nature and away from technology. 

My goal is to become a woman that dare to go farther.  I curated this list from Amazon of gifts for your outdoorsy woman. It has products for winter and summer. Please, someone, show this list to my husband! Leave in the comments what else do you want me to include in the list. 

I got myself some pretty pink snow pants. It is my goal to learn skiing and snowboarding this winter. Who is going with me?

Summer fun! I am a beach bum, guys. I love me a tiny bikini and sand on my skin. Summer activities are the best, aren’t they? Tell me, what you prefer?

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