Instill the Travel Bug Early: Traveling with Babies

Francia Benson Gone Wild Traveling in UtahTraveling with Children

Sure, some bazillions things can stop you from doing it what makes you happy. Fight them all with your whole heart. I have repeatedly heard many times that having a baby would prevent you from being you, accomplishing your goals, and just having fun. Well, having a kid change your life entirely, in many ways, and forever. No doubt on that. Sorry, I can’t sugar coat it. Something that having a c child cannot prevent you from enjoying to the fullest is traveling.

You can continue exploring this magnificent and beautiful world. Hitting hard its roads and climbing its weird and crazy rock formations. You can still chase stars at night, jumping out of the car when you see something cool to photograph, you can run in Monument Valley just as Forrest Gump did. Oh, gosh! You can still try to eat the whole world.

Of course, things change. Everything changes in this life. Nothing stays the same. You will need to make some changes and adjust to them. Don’t hurry. Don’t panic. Give time to time but never, even for half a second, stop living and traveling.

Francia Benson Gone Wild Traveling with babies

In the picture above I am holding my newborn. He was only four weeks and a couple of days old. If you have read other stories in my blog you know I have this unquenchable thirst for traveling and exploring. July 12th is my birthday. I was still in pain after an 18 + hours in labor, a sudden rash through my whole body, an emergency c-section, losing tons of blood and spending six days at the hospital after giving birth. I decided I wanted to go road tripping for my 26 birthday.

While still in pain and being a little exhausted, I put my little piece of heaven in his car seat. Remembered to bring extra outfits for him and diapers. This time wasn’t about me bring my short shorts and flip flops. I had to switch my tiny cross shoulder purse for a diaper bag. I was fortunate enough to have Brett, my husband, by my side making sure I had an unforgettable time and helping me to take care of our beloved Christopher.

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