Ha! That’s How you Photograph Newborns?

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I was supposed to snap a few pictures of my nephew’s birth. I ended up cutting off the umbilical cord! What a scary, touching, and meaningful experience. I was shaking from toe to head even before the doctor asked me to cut it off. Witnessing a woman bringing life into this world is such a magical experience yet scary at the same time. I could see the little head coming out with every push then his whole body was out and onto my sister tired body.

As some of you might know, I am a fashion and travel photographer.  But I thought to give my sister the gift of having pictures of her baby just a few seconds from coming out.

What was I thinking? I could barely hold still the camera, and I swear my baby was getting ready to be born. I am 7-month pregnant.

I am still surprised at how well the pictures turned out.  The love I feel for my nephew is immense and profound. I believe cutting his cord off bonded us forever.

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