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The Ultimate Sushi and Joint Rolling Class

This is a sponsored post. As always, I am honest on my reviews and only recommend good products, services, and places. This post has affiliate links. 

This is a sponsored post. As always, I am honest in my reviews.

Sushi and Joint Rolling Class in Denver
Photo provided by My 420 Tours.

Calling all sushi lovers and weed enthusiast! Pack your bags and head to the Mile High City. Denver has the best of the two worlds, a sushi roll and joint rolling class. That’s right! A chef will teach you step by step how to roll a tasty sushi roll.  A cannabis connoisseur will coach you to roll the perfect joint. Make it a date night, bring your babe and together get high and indulge in one of the best sushi class in Denver.

 The staff at My 420 Tours are free-flowing. The atmosphere is so relaxing and not judgmental at all. I felt welcomed, not only by the team but also by the attendees. The company is at the forefront of cannabis travel. It offers transportation, education, cannabis-friendly accommodation, tours, and cooking classes. They take the cannabis tourism to the next level.

For what you get and the fantastic experience you live, the price is affordable. For only $79 per person you get enough to make two big sushi rolls, and two grams of cannabis. Most importantly, you get an education about the cannabis and marijuana industry.

Some of the attendees had experience rolling a joint but I was a total newbie. The guy next to me was so cool. He helped me a lot. There is an art rolling a joint! Who would it say so?

Nick “of all trades,” a tour guide, introduces you to the joint rolling art. He gives educational information, explains what each piece of what you were given is for and then goes to each person’s table to show how to make a joint and to help you out. My joint was kind of a disaster, but he taught me a few tricks to make it look better and get it tighter.

cannabis bus

Once you finish your masterpiece, both Nick and Patrick guide you to the “fun bus.” The party bus is a cannabis-friendly bus. The inside of the bus is like being in a club. Fluorescent lights, trendy, loud music, you can sit and relax, smoke your joint, dance, or just talk. After around 20 minutes you go back to the building to make the sushi.

Patrick, the chef and food experience guide, is very friendly and funny. He makes sure each person is having fun and understanding the process of rolling sushi rolls. He teaches you how to make a clean cut. The rice for the sushi was on point and all the vegetables and pieces of fish mouthwatering. Everything was extremely clean.

As my date had to cancel on me the very last minute, I ended with a ton of sushi all to myself. I am not complaining!

It was a great experience. I had so much fun, and I did something I never imagined I would do. As a travel journalist, I am glad to have experienced first hand the controversial subject of recreational weed.

My favorite part were the cannabis! lol Have you ever been in a marijuana tour? Get educated first, make sure you’re responsible and then dive into the fun. You can book here!

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